Our 2-part epoxy blacking systems are applied to stand the test of time we work to shipping specs on depth of paint and painting conditions we recommend that the base plate is done at the same time as your hull sides to give maximum protection of your investment. We are now 10 years in to using jotomastic and the boats we see coming back have only needed minimum recoating to damaged areas. The epoxy jotomastic 90 is impervious to diesel and oil unlike any bitumen-based blacking guaranteeing your water line will be as good as the day it was painted for up to 20 years.

All boats are grit blasted to sa3 before 250 microns of jotomastic 87 2-part epoxy blacking is applied. Glass re-enforced systems are available all our blacking comes with a 4-year guaranty against paint failure. Our prices start from £65 per linear foot + vat