Gibson & Kentwright Boat Painters

High quality painting of Narrowboats, Widebeams, Cruisers & Dutch Barges

About us

We approach each boat as if they were our own and offer a wide range of services covering all aspects of boat maintenance.

New Colours – New Adventures – New Memories


Our 2-part epoxy blacking systems are applied to stand the test of time we work to shipping specs on depth of paint and painting conditions


Whether you are looking for a more traditional hand painted finish or a highly durable two part sprayed finish, we cover it all


We offer all welding services for your boat from pit filling to new anodes to over plating. Talk to the team for the best advice

Solar Power

Our systems have a number of unique features that have made them extremely popular among boaters across the country.


Grit blasting removes the mill scale from the surface & leaves behind the perfect surface for primer coats of paint to adhere to


We also have a mobile spray foam insulation service aimed at new boat builds, boat shells and sail away customers

Gibson and Kentwright was formed in April 2021 off the back of Gibsons Boat Painters.

One of the most attractive features of our canals is the shining paintwork and colourful decoration of the boats.

As experienced narrowboat painters, we specialise in all areas of narrowboat painting

We offer narrowboat painting packages tailored to your requirements, fully managed by us